Her positiveness and kindness helped me

Nelleke is very nice, enthusiastic, and friendly person. We all met 4 times before the birth, we talked a lot and she completely understood what we needed. We decided to hire doula as my accompanying person for the case I would deliver at hospital. My husband would have to stay at home with our older son and therefore could not be present at the birth. At the end it went super-fast and we had home birth. During the delivery, she was so positive that my husband was less in shock that we are staying at home instead of going to hospital😊. Her positiveness and kindness also helped me through the final rough part. After delivery, Nelleke stayed couple of hours to help us, so we could both quietly enjoy our newborn. These are moments you will never forget. We can definitely recommend Nelleke and we wish her all the best with her practice!

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